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How to Outsmart Professional Casino Players

Common professionals in card games in the casino can be beaten. In fact research has shown that if one is keen enough they can be able to reduce the house advantage down to merely five percent thus increasing their own chance of winning. It is true that everyone who goes to play in the casino has a strategy; however they are always bound to lose because of the simple mistakes they choose to ignore while at it. For most beginners, they are taught about the counting techniques that enable them increase their odds. In this technique the strategy they are taught to perfect the way they kept track of the ten cards and aces. This strategy is meant to narrow down the odds by pitting the number of cards that have been offered versus those that have not. This strategy always works if the player chooses to stick to the ten cards only while ignoring the rest. However most beginners are too ambitious and as a consequence they try to keep track of all the cards thereby loosing track of the game in the process. What they fail to understand is that the catch here is to keep the counting system as simple as possible, after all not everyone is a math genius

When it comes to pros, it is common knowledge that they dedicate many hours to study their techniques and perfect them. Their level requires some natural math, speed and accuracy. It also requires one to possess a burning enthusiasm for long working hours while studying the techniques in order to ensure that they get everything right. Once the pros get the technique right, there is a need to improve on their reflexes and speed. This is where many pros make mistakes. At the beginning of the game a new pro sits on the casino table ready to count. As the game progresses the speed in the game might get away from him. Majority of the pros do not realize the pace at which the game really goes unless they are in sync with it.

There is also the issue of pros making big drops which eventually eat into their bankroll. Card counting will definitely increase their odds but you have to understand that over time your luck will wildly fluctuate from to time. Gambling is a tricky business. Therefore you have to find a way to fight off the despair as well as anxiety that eventually makes you to make big drops without sizing up the odds properly. Many pros have given up on gambling as a result of their inability to handle the psychological stress. Some gave up because they made huge careless drops and they made loses which meant that their bankroll could not manage to weather the predictable norms of the game. All these can however be avoided if both the beginner and the pros learn to master their techniques right while ensuring this their speed and accuracy are also top notch