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A Sensual Gambling Paradise with Marilyn Monroe

Play other slot games at Swiss Casino Marilyn Monroe is a gambler's delight. The sultry icon of sexual freedom that helped liberate sexuality in the sixties has now set her ravenous eyes on you. Flirtatiously, she invites you to the casino and the sensual games begin. With a maximum cash jackpot of $75,000, there is no reason for you not to play her now! She might just be feeling loose.

The games begin with her extravagant, coy smile beckoning you to the slots. An elegant, vintage backdrop decorates the loading screen behind her. The minimum cost to play is only a penny, while boisterous high-rollers can bet $1000 per round. Pictures of the infamous actress adorn all of the winning in-game symbols you will try to match up. These images include her leaning back in a stunning red dress and bending over towards you suggestively in a strapless gown. Her Hollywood Star is also featured, while the wild spot showcases her decadent laughter. Match everything up just right, and you will unlock the Backstage Bonus. Congratulations, Marilyn has just given you some free spins. With luck, the use of multipliers can turn this opportunity into over forty free spins, If Marilyn is feeling generous, you can unlock infinite free rounds.

The payout will double anytime the wild symbol lines up in a victorious combination. This works out wonderfully since the wild logo remains on the reels from the moment you first find it. You only need two images of her on the pay line to start winning big payouts. The odds are fantastic!

The enticements, however, are hardly limited to the prizes. There are endless vintage photo reels to be unlocked, all loaded with superfluous salaciousness. The retro icon flaunts her beauty the entire time, perhaps trying to distract you from the game. It might be her best bet, because the chances are stacked in your favor when she is just giving it away. With a total of five reels and twenty pay lines, this game also features a generous system of scatter payouts. While there are not any bonus games, the supplemental content is thoroughly engineered to provide endless naughty entertainment. Play now and you will be thrilled by this ravaging bombshell blonde. Known for erotic roles in movies like How to Marry a Millionaire and Some Like it Hot, she is surely experienced in the forte of gambling while frisky. You will find yourself on fire when you play this slot game and perhaps on your way to being a millionaire. Slots have never been so naughty, let alone so potentially rewarding. You have nothing to lose when you game Marilyn Monroe. She is Playtech's ingeniously addictive masterpiece.