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Video Poker

In a majority of the internet casinos, the main point of attraction is online video poker. Popularity of this game has grown chiefly because of Texas Hold'em explosion. To put it is simple words, the rules of online video poker use a group of five card draw along with slots. While playing on a machine it needs a fresh bet accompanying every hand. Like slots, payouts depend on the amount of your bet. Every initial hand of video poker comprises of five cards.


Like draw poker, you will determine the one you wish to keep and the one you want to replace for ending the round with finest hand of video poker. However, the complication to bet hands with manifold players is removed in video poker. There is also no restriction on the amount of cards that you can place back. After getting a hand, you hole some and then get fresh ones, and check whether you hand holds up on the payout table.

Video Poker Games

  • Jacks or Better

    This version is one of the most popular version among both online and land casino patrons. This name mainly implies that you get the money when you get a hand consisting of a couple of jacks or a better one. There are no wilds and fancy poker rules and there is just a lone draw. This is an exceptional game for the beginners due to the fair odds.

  • Jokers Wild

    A fifty-three card deck is utilized in this version. Similar to paigow poker, this deck of consists of a joker, which is wild. The difference is that in Jokers Wild, the joker can be any of the cards at any particular time. There are no ace restrictions akin to paigow poker.

  • The Deuces Video Poker

    A standard fifty-two card deck is employed in this version of the game, in which all the 2s are wild. This helps in improving a player's odds as well as removing the lowest positioned card. Because of the improved odds, then payouts are unusual in Deuces Wild.

  • Multi-Handed Play

    There are some machines, which deal single hand of video poker from which you select the cards that you want to keep and the ones that you wish to replace with fresh ones. After this the machines will deal with manifold results for the hand of video poker that you kept. For every hand, you ought to pay the preliminary bet, so in case you wish to bet three coins per hand, then for a three-handed game, you will have to give nine coins in every round.