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Calculating House Edge

Casino gambling it is not only fun and excitement, it is also expectation of winning which once may come true and bring you lots of money. For many players this expectation is the reason to keep to playing, for others this is only a pleasant bonus. As much as players want to get more rewards from casinos, the casinos themselves want to stay in profit too. Casinos survive and continue to operate with the help of money and profits that have been got from their members who pay for their gaming fees through wagering and other forms of payments. They put some restrictions and develop terms due to which the house will flourish but at the same time won’t lose all the clients.

They achieve this through house edge which can be referred to as the profit that the casino makes and it is usually in percentage of any given bet which is put into the casino pot. House Vigorish is the other name that can be used to describe house edge.

Is It Possible to Beat the Casino?

Calculating of house edge should be performed by any player to any game he plays . This should be done because the rules of every game are different as well as wagering requirement which also influences house edge.

Casinos usually state that you win more than you bet. In fact, this is a very tricky point that even the skillful players not always understand. Low wins against the house have been recorded. Sum of winning is usually higher that bet, but in result of the gambling nights you may notice that you’ve lost more than won. Players desire to win against the house but those who have tried and did not gain any success, have arrived to the conclusion that it is impossible to win against the house.

Different games – Different Odds

Though there are the basic principles that guide casino houses in calculating house edge in casino games there are slight variations when it comes to the type of game that calculation is performed.

The matter is that different games have different basic odds. Moreover, different games have different approaches to making these odds lower. For example, in roulette game you have to place correct bets in order to make you odds to win higher, but that does not mean that you will diminish house odds – they remain the same. You just can choose game variation with basic low house edge (e.g. European Roulette).

In blackjack game any player can influence house odds directly and make them really low. Professional players are sure, that it is possible to reduce house edge from 8% to 0% with the usage of advances game strategies.

For any player it is important to know the basics of calculating house edge in casino games in order for to know what to expect in case of a win and how to act if you feel that you cannot avoid loss.