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Positive Thinking - Can It Help To Win Roulette?

When it comes down to it nearly every time you discuss a way to win at gambling, whether it be roulette or blackjack, it almost always comes up whether that particular game is one of luck or skill. It’s a tough question to answer and more than likely the response is determined solely on a person’s outlook in a given situation, but the inquiry is continuously hanging out there.

In roulette, the house has a decided advantage, even in the European version, and players have tried various methods to beat the wheel. Some of been successful, some not so much, but there is one that that is definitely true. You can be the most skilled person in the world at playing cards yet luck is a factor because you can’t work with what you don’t have. The same holds true of luck. If you don’t know what you are doing but the Gods appear to be smiling on you that might get you over the hump, but no matter what the situation, it always helps to have a great attitude and luck affects that as well.

Think about it would anyone play games if they thought they were always going to lose? Well if you look at the logical side of things they almost certainly will. The longer they play the more likely they are too and mathematics proves the casinos will also be in the victor in the long run. If you imagined you were giving them a portion of every one of your hard earned dollars would you still be there? I would think not. Without thinking you at least have the chance to win one time, the gambling business would be kaput. There would be no point to it.

I’m not denigrating the aid of skill and knowledge, but don’t you concur that if you didn’t think you at least had an outside chance of winning you wouldn’t be playing? Isn’t that a positive attitude? If you think you are going to lose all the time you more than likely will.

And if you are down on your luck, can’t you take actions to change it? When you feel the gloom and dismay rising, think about if you continue to act like this it will only bring you down. Now this frame of mind will definitely affect your roulette game and I don’t care if you are Joseph Jaggers. That is a little different though, as he knew he was going to win!