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Different ways to recharge your casino account

Playing casino games online requires some self-discipline, especially regarding the amount of money that you put into your account. Wherever you choose to play, the casino sites all make it as easy as possible for players to top up their accounts – it’s in their business interest, after all. Play online now at and you’ll see there are several different ways that you can add funds to your account including using credit or debit cards, e-wallets or pre-payment cards, or traditional wire transfers.

Here we look in a bit more detail the different payment choices available at online casinos like 32red.

Prepaid vouchers

Prepaid vouchers are where you have an amount of credit loaded onto a voucher. As you pay for the voucher before you can use it, it’s easy to keep track of your spending and also easier to limit what you spend on gaming. You have to make a conscious decision to add more to your account, more so than you would if you had a credit card linked to the account. An example of a pre-paid voucher system is Ukash. These vouchers can be purchased online and at ATMs and kiosks.


For people who don’t like putting their personal financial details online, the e-wallet is a good option. E-wallets allow you to move money online securely so that you can pay various merchants online. They are popular with businesses as the fees are low and for customers because they are easy to use. Generally, an e-wallet account like Paypal is linked to your normal bank account, so it’s easy to set up different payments whenever you want. Most casinos accept payments and withdrawals via this method. A slight downside for the gamer is that it’s as easy to top up your account using an e-wallet as it is a credit card, so if you lack self-discipline, this may not be the best choice.


Entropay virtual Visa cards can also be used to fund a casino account. Anywhere that shows the Visasign will accept an Entropay card. It’s like using a debit card, except that you load set amounts onto the card using a credit or debit card. When the amount is used up on the Entropay card you then will not be able to add funds to a casino account until you’ve recharged the Entropay card. So it’s another way to add a level of self-checking to your spending on casino games.

Credit or debit cards

For many people, they top up their accounts on gaming sites using a normal credit or debit card. This is the most common method for recreational gamers who are able to limit their spending on casino gaming, but for those who find it too easy to top up an account this way, the credit or debit card method is best avoided.

How you choose to move money in and out of an online casino account depends on your spending discipline.